NIRA i2x is a compact engine management system for single and twin cylinder otto engines. NIRA i2x comes complete with a user friendly application tool, NIRA rk, for loading of software program, tuning of engine data, monitoring etc.


Together they constitute a system that offers the operator full access to and control of the engine functions. Featuring support for advanced control strategies such as drive by wire throttle control and crankshaft position synchronized airflow estimation. NIRA i2x enables the engine tuner to reach maximum performance while maintaining desirable characteristics such as quick engine response and low emission levels.

Design Features

  • Compact and cost efficient design
  • Extensive I/O interface with FlexiPorts™ control
  • Control of single and twin cylinder engines
  • CAN communication

Advanced Control Functions

  • Closed loop lambda control
  • Drive by wire control
  • AMR - Advanced MAP reading
  • Black box memory functionality



Crank Shaft Position High accuracy detection of the signal from an inductive or hall type sensor
Cam Shaft Position Hall type sensor
Throttle Position Sensors Sensors for detecting the position and demand of a drive by wire throttle
Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) Software for MAP sampling based on crankshaft position is available
Manifold Air Temperature (MAT) Resistive temperature sensor
Lambda Sensor (Oxygen sensor) Closed loop control available
Engine Coolant Temperature Resistive type
5 Flexible Analog Inputs Input channels for pressure and temperature sensors etc 
5 Flexible Digital Inputs Input channels for start button, gear switches etc
Frequency Input Input for vehicle speed etc


Fuel Injectors 2 Accurate control of fuel injectors
Ignition 2 Drive coil-on-plug ignition directly
Drive by Wire Control 1 H-bridge driver for electronic throttle module
Flexible Outputs 3 Controlling components such as cooling fan, fuel pump relay, MILamp etc



Proven Performance

NIRA i2x has succesfully been deoployed in both single and twin cylinder applications. Notable improvements have been achieved, both in power output and driveability.


Advanced Control Functions

NIRA i2x is capable of controlling electronic throttle control modules opening possibilities for implementing advanced control strategies

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