NIRA i7x Motorsport is a powerful engine management system for motorsport applications based on Nira’s latest generation technology platform. By combining what we've learned from NIRA i3+ and NIRA i7x Street/Competition, we aim that NIRA i7x Motorsport will be even more user friendly with more functionality then ever before.

NIRA i7x controls ignition, fuel injection, boost pressure, idle speed and several other engine functions. NIRA i7x offers an unusual level of flexibility in how input signals are interpreted and processed. It also gives you significant control over the mapping of the output signals. This allows NIRA i7x to work with many different sensors, actuators and engine types. Setup, configuration and programming of NIRA i7x is done via the NIRA rk software.



Inputs & outputs

  • 8 x Fuel Injection outputs
  • 8 x Ignition outputs
  • 2 x Lambda sensors
  • 4 x User configurable PWM input signals (for example wheel speed)
  • 9 x Analog input (4 x User configurable)
  • 12 x Resistive sensor inputs (6 x User configurable for example aux temperature or damper position etc.)


  • Traction Control
  • Launch control
  • Anti-lag system
  • Flatshift
  • Variable CAM Timing (intake and exhaust)
  • Drive by wire throttle control
  • Auto tune fuel calibration
  • Advanced closed loop boost control
  • Advanced bank individual lambda control
  • Two stage banking injection
  • Turbo speed control
  • CAN communication for AIM display


Include in package

When you purchased NIRA i7x, you should have received the following:

  • NIRA i7x
  • Wiring harness
  • Handbook
  • NIRA rk calibration software
  • Communication interface (Kvaser CAN-dongle)

We strongly recommend that you also buy Bosch LSU 4.9 from our retailer.