Nira Control AB is looking for a Software Engineer with a keen interest to create software models for our customers systems based on application understanding.

  • Develop specifications in collaboration with HW- and Applicationengineers
  • Implement functionality in c-code or simulink models
  • Develop and perform functionality tests during the development cycle both in lab and on customer application
  • Make SW releases including:
    - Parameter configuration (visible , editable etc...)
    - Parameter value setting (aplication adaptation)
    - Perform Regression tests
  • Document strategies (software design descriptions, handbooks etc...)
  • Responsible for delivering agreed product on time with correct scope 

Desired Skills and Experience

The Successful candidate must have:

  • Engineering degree
  • Analytic approach to problem solving
  • Matlab/Simulink/Embedded coder development experience
  • Embedded c-code development experience
  • Powertrain Control application experience
  • Excellent English in speech and writing

Any of the following is seen as meriting:

  • Combustion engine experience
  • Engine Calibration experience
  • Embedded system HW development experience
  • Low level HW drivers development experience
  • Project Management experience
  • Experience of Establishing and Maintaining customer relations.

Please send your CV and letter of motivation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.