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Nira Control is offering configurable engine management systems for hybrid and combustion engines. The product portfolio consists of a complete range of highly flexible and powerful powertrain and engine management systems.

We design for markets where environmental legislation is pushing our customers towards more advanced technologies for reducing fuel consumption and lowering emission levels.

Nira Control has throughout the years successful experience developing mass production collaborations with OEM's.

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Our legacy

1985, Mats Dahlgren and Nils Jönsson founded Nira Automotive. Their specialty was electronic control systems for automotive industry and for demanding industrial applications.

In the beginning of the 90s, the close cooperation with Volvo AB and Volvo motorsports, resulted in a partnership where Volvo Technology Transfer (VTT) became the majority owner.

From year 2000, Nira where organised in business areas: NIRA Business & Technology (NBT), NIRA Control (NCL), NIRA Dynamics (ND) och NIRA Mobile Access (NMA). The plan for the different business areas was to enforce development and to create positive spin offs.

2006, Nira Control AB acquired assets from VTT to continue the path on their own to maintain a leading role in flexible engine management systems.

Projects and products has since then evolved to include advanced electronic control units for diesel engines, natural gas engines, electric motors and vehicle data networks with customers ranging from start-ups to global industrial companies.

Since 2010, Johan Gustafsson is the CEO and Tomas Kjellberg CTO.
Mats and Nils are still co-owners and active board members.
2019 is an expanding fase with both new products and new customers.

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You find Nira Control in battery powered trains, trucks, critical backup gensets, diesel powered outboards and super sports cars.


We love powertrain control systems, electronic design, software design, advanced calibration, industrialisation project management and engine control strategies.


Our engineers help you through your projects. From specification via prototyping, certification to mass production.


We continously work with customers in the EU, the US, Great Britain and India.


We need

Nira Control AB is looking for an application software engineer.

You do

Continues development of our diagnostic and service tool used in field applications (windows/android/ios). Perform pre-studies, requirements and time estimates for development tasks. Requirement analysis process.

You are

Software developer with testing experience.
General computer science knowledge.
Connected devices to cloud based systems (IoT).
Working with both back-end and front-end.
C# or C++ programming.
Frontend development with frameworks such as.
WPF/XAML, OOP, REST, Design Patterns, Code Smells.


Experience in Git (or similar) is desirable.
Experience with MVVM/MVC/MVP design concepts.
Database knowledge.
Embedded software development.
Ability to articulate current status, blocking issues, and task estimates.


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